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1 Timothy 3:2,3 – high-quality profile

11-12-2023 - Posted by Hans

The supervisor, then, must be irreprehensible, the husband of one wife, sober, sane, decorous, hospitable, apt to teach, no toper, not quarrelsome, but lenient, pacific, not fond of money…

Later we will see that Paul calls the ecclesia a “pillar and base of the truth” (3:15). This is how God looks at the company that comes together on the basis of His word. That word would sound and “the supervisor” would see to it. Not a synod or church council, but “the supervisor” is responsible for ensuring that the reliable word is preached and taught. In the ecclesia there is no greater responsibility than this and that explains why Paul places such high demands on the supervisor.

He must be “sober” and “sane” and not be guided by impulses (“not quarrelsome”). He is also not out to claim his own right (“pacific”), nor does he aim to benefit financially from his work (“not a lover of money”). His house is open to receive others (“hospitable”) and he knows how to control himself (“no toper”) and acts “decorous” and “lenient”. He does not necessarily have to be an active teacher, but he must at least be able to teach, if only to be able to unmask opponents of sound teaching (Tit. 1:9).