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1 Timothy 1:18 – The ideal warfare

08-11-2023 - Posted by Hans

This charge I am committing to you, child Timothy, according to the preceding prophecies over you, that in them you may be warring the ideal warfare.

With “this charge” Paul returns to what he started with (1:3,5). They would teach no other doctrine than what Paul had taught. That assignment was entirely in line with prophecies given at the beginning of Timothy’s ministry. Later in this letter (4:14) Paul also refers to that prophecy. Spoken by some elders who had laid their hands on him as confirmation.

From Acts 16:1-4 we know that when Paul arrived back in Lystra, he came into contact with the young Timothy “of whom a good testimony was given by the brethren in Lystra and Iconium.” And right after that we read that Paul wanted to take him with him on his travels. That good testimony from the brothers was decisive for Paul to involve Timothy in his work from now on. That testimony apparently spoke not only of who Timothy was but also of who and what he would be! They were prophecies, predictions. Timothy would teach and also be combative and not avoid conflicts. Paul fatherly reminds him of those encouraging words. To be warring the ideal warfare!