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1 Timothy 1:10 – The sound teaching

26-09-2023 - Posted by Hans

… and if any other thing is opposing sound teaching, in accord with the evangel of the glory of the happy God, with which I was entrusted.

Paul often refers to the importance of teaching, especially in his personal letters to Timothy and Titus. For they were instructed to oversee the teaching first and foremost. Four times Paul speaks in this context of “sound teaching” (1 Tim. 1:10; 2 Tim. 4:3; Titus 1:9 and 2:1). Just as he also emphasizes in these letters the importance of “sound words” (2 Tim. 1:13), “sound faith” (Tit. 1:13) and “sound mind”. What is healthy functions properly, while in illness functions fail (compare Luke 5:31). Anyone who is healthy is also energetic and has resistance.

These characteristics of health also apply to “sound teaching”. Healthy teaching ensures that believers function properly individually and collectively. Such teaching is also energetic and powerful, for those who are taught by it draw strength from it and become strong. “Sound teaching” makes you vital and creates resistance.

“Sound teaching” is not only sound in effect, but also in itself. “Sound teaching” is intrinsically balanced, powerful and irrefutable. That is because “sound teaching” is made up of “the sound words” of GOD Himself. Alive and powerful!