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1 Timothy 1:10 – At odds with sound teaching

26-09-2023 - Posted by Hans

… being aware of this, that the law is not laid down for the just, yet it is  for the lawless and insubordinate (…) liars, perjurers, and if any other thing is opposing sound teaching…

The law is imposed on sinners, of which Paul just listed a long list. All the practices he mentions are condemned by the law, but they are also at odds with “sound teaching”. This is not because “sound teaching” fights against these practices, but because these practices have no hold on the righteous. After all, they are dead to sin yet living to God in Christ! That is how God reckons and that is how we should also reckon (Rom.6:11).

Whoever believes GOD, trusts Him in His Word. Such a person is righteous before God. Should such people be told not to kill, steal, fornicate or lie?!? Is that their ‘rule of gratitude’? Anyone who imposes the law on such people, as happens everywhere in Christendom, does not treat them as righteous, but as sinners. And indeed, it is also taught that believers always remain sinners and therefore must fight against the sin that is in them. That is not “sound teaching”! Because “sound teaching” teaches that believers are justified. That is not an unattainable ideal, but a starting point and a given in advance!