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1 Corinthians 9:16,17 – burden or sincerely

20-06-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

For if I should be bringing the evangel, it is not for me to boast in, for necessity is lying upon me, for it were woe to me if I should not be bringing the evangel! For if I am engaging in this voluntarily, I have wages, yet if involuntarily, I have been entrusted with an administration.

Paul doesn’t consider his evangelizing as an achievement. He can’t do something else, for the necessity had been prescribed to him. He has been called for this task and from the womb of his mother he was destined. Definitely he didn’t sign up. Paul trembles (“woe to me”) when the thought creeps into his head not to give ear to his vocation.

It could be a possibility that Paul indeed did what he was called to, but that he did it reluctantly. Only because he would have to do it and he couldn’t evade. For the administration of the Evangel is entrusted to him. But could that not be a bad motive? What remains of a good message that has been passed on by someone who doesn’t do it sincerely? Thank God, Paul was not only called and entrusted a task, but he also received the unstoppable, innerly drive to do it. God did let him work, but also did let him want!