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1 Corinthians 7:3,4– Give and take?

05-04-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Let the husband render to the wife her due, yet likewise the wife also to the husband. The wife has not the jurisdiction of her own body, but the husband, yet likewise the husband also has not the jurisdiction of his own body, but the wife

In our so-called “enlightened” culture, the idea of self-fulfillment is sacred. Especially in the relational sphere. The other must be of service to my development and to my happiness. And if the other fails, it is reason enough to end the relationship.

This idea demonstrates that we no longer know what a marriage is. Because it is not my happiness that sets the standard but that of the other. Anyone who is married is obliged to give his wife what is due to her. And the wife to her husband. That is nothing special, that is normal. Marriage is also not a matter of giving and taking but only of giving. And possibly of receiving. This also applies to sexual intercourse. It is not my happiness or pleasure that is the norm but that of the other. In our rules of language we call “I” the first person. But how different is it when I realize that I am not of myself (6:19)?!