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1 Corinthians 7:32,33 – A pain in the neck

21-05-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now I want you to be without worry. The unmarried one is solicitous about the things of the Lord, how he should be pleasing the Lord. Yet he who marries is solicitous about the things of the world, how he should be pleasing his wife, and is parted.

Paul is a great advocate of a carefree life. That is why he advocates staying unmarried. We must remember that Paul’s plea deals about believing singles. In the world, single life is also recommended, but then with the motive of being able to live sexually dissolute. Another word for fornication(:2). But Paul’s motive is that the bachelor can fully focus on the Lord and please Him. Without care for others.

Whoever, as a man, marries, has taken on the duty to support his wife, to please her, to love her, and to take care of her. She can expect that from him too. And if there are children, then there will be additional care for them. An impossible combination for someone like Paul, who gave 100% for the Evangel. Those who marry voluntarily take on many earthly worries. Nothing wrong with that, but be aware of this beforehand.