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1 Corinthians 7:30,31 – Relativation

21-05-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

And those lamenting as not lamenting, and those rejoicing as not rejoicing and those buying as not retaining and those using this world as not using it up. For the fashion of this world is passing by.

Our stay in the world is like an hourglass. We are passers-by, that is, in the process of passing by. This truth generally applies to corruptible people. And in the light of the approaching end of the eon even more pronounced!

For those who distance themselves, everything becomes smaller. And if you take a step back in time and look back, you will see everything is passing by. That is the position that Paul is taking here. While he is still on earth, he looks at daily life as if looking back.

How different will our valuation of the present be once we are incorruptible? The tears for sad things will have dried up. And the laughter about temporary pleasures will have been silenced. And we will only smile with compassion at the purchases in which we were completely absorbed. Nothing teaches us how to put our emotions and activities into perspective so much as when we look at the present from the future. That attitude does not turn us into dreamers, but rather makes us sober and stable