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1 Corinthians 7:23 – bought with a price!

01-05-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

With a price are you bought. Do not become~ the slaves of men.

The value of my existence is not determined by what others think of me. And neither by how I think of myself. My value is determined in the price that was paid for me. Jesus Christ died for me… nailed on the cross. So much it was worth for him to give me the Life, that would come to light three days later. Indeed, “bought with a price”!

The fact that I am bought by him, means that I’m not my own property anymore. I am his property. It could be called the ultimate slavery (:22), but at the same time it’s the supreme form of freedom. For he bought me free and now I’m not longer a slave of sin or death. But also: no slave of men.

If I’m the property of the Lord, no one has the right to prevent me in that duty. No authorities, but also no religious institutions. You would never bind you to an organisation which prevents you to walk in accordance with his Word. And let nothing hinder you to testify of the ransom that was paid to buy all mankind free (1 Timothy 2:6)!