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1 Corinthians 6:3 – to relativize

25-02-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Are you nota ware that we shall be judging messengers, not to mention life’s affairs?

An immensely high and heavenly task is reserved for the ecclesia. That is our future. And our stay here on the earth is a preparation for that. Of course, that is only possible when we are informed about it. Knowing who we are and to which task we have been called. Only then, when we realize the heavenly position that is given to us, we learn to relativize all life’s affairs.

Affairs that can be assessed as ‘important’, are in heavenly light trivial. Who realizes that he is a part of ‘the body of Christ’, i.e. the King of the universe (!!), and who knows which huge task is waiting for him in the oncoming eons, is going to relativize everyday existence. For the ‘now’ is then so small and relative towards ‘soon’! It’s like a grain of sand versus a large beach.

The Corinthians missed awareness of their heavenly position and of their future task. Therefore they had so many problems with all kind of ‘life’s affairs’.