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1 Corinthians 4:7 – Nothing of ourselves!

22-01-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

For who is making you to discriminate? Now what have you which you did not obtain? Now if you obtained it also , why are you boasting as though not obtaining?

No one has to imagine oneself to be anything. Or to feel superior to the other person. That attitude was prevalent in Corinth with various rival parties. But Paul puts them in place with a few rhetorical questions. Because even if it is true that we all have different capacities and hold different positions, that does not change anything about this one fact that there is nothing of ourselves. GOD is the one who distinguishes by going a separate course with each person. In everything we are and also in everything we have we can only look up. It comes from Him because there is nothing of ourselves. Until the smallest detail we are a creation of Him. In our capacities, our mind, our skills. We do not have our faith of ourselves either. For GOD opens eyes, ears and hearts.

This truth puts us in our place as creatures. It makes us small and humble. All fame is due to GOD who brings all of his creation to a perfect goal!