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1 Corinthians 16:2 – More than money

01-06-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

On one of the Sabbaths let each of you lay aside by himself in store that in which he should be prospered that no collections may be occurring then whenever I may come.

Paul organized a collection, the proceeds of which would go to the poor believers in Jerusalem. He never appealed to others to support himself. Because his Evangel is “free of charge” and his working method was in harmony with it. He also considered it an honor to work like this. He sometimes received gifts, but in principle he never asked for them.

The collection organized by Paul took place in a personal capacity. There was also no question of a community cash or fund, no everyone would personally save something and put something aside at home every week. Nor does Paul give guidance on the size of the amount or on tithes or other percentages. Everything is based on voluntariness and everyone would give according to their own wealth. Paul is averse to beating money and has no personal interest in this collection. That explains his boldness to organize this. The real value of this collection is not money, but spiritual in nature. And that is priceless!