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1 Corinthians 16:15 – Firstfruit of Achaia

24-06-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now I am entreating you, brethren – you are acquainted with the house of Stephanas and Fortunatus, that is the firstfruit of Achaia, and they set themselves to the service for the saints – that you also may be subject to such and every fellow worker and toiler.

These two verses belong together. The content of the encouragement follows in verse 16 and the motive is mentioned in verse 15. “the house of Stephanas” refers to Stephanas’ household but also any other family members and / or staff. Perhaps Fortunatus and Achaicus were also included (: 17). Stephanas’ home in Achaia (Greece’s southern peninsula with Corinth as its main city) was the first fruit of Paul’s gospel preaching. With them he was the first to find recognition of the Good Message he brought. Paul was also the only one baptizing them in Corinth (1:16), although he realized that baptism was not his mission.

Regardless, Stephanas and his householders were not only early adapters of the Good News but also pioneers in the region. They are committed to serving the young community. Obviously for spreading the Gospel. Because Gospel means Good Message and that is what it is. That’s why we tell it too!