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1 Corinthians 15:43 – Infirmity versus power

02-03-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

It is sown in infirmity; t is roused in power.

The contradictions that Paul lists are interrelated. Our body is corruptible and therefore subject to dishonor and hence infirm. But you could also turn it around: our body is infirm and therefore corruptible and in a process of dishonor.

The word for “infirmity” often occurs in the New Testament and often in the sense of ‘illness (e.g., Luke 5:15). The essence of illness is weakness. The inability of the body to prevent breakdown. Weakness is a lack of resistivity. Aging is also related to this: it is a reduction of ability and therefore the surrender of capacities. Until it becomes fatal to a person and he or she dies from it.

However, just as the body that is buried is characterized by “infirmity,” so the body that is raised is characterized by “power.” The Greek word for “power” is “dunamis”, in which we easily recognize the words “dynamo”, “dynamic” and “dynamite.” The body in the vivification not only knows no disease (that is still negative), but is full of vitality. Continuous and unabated. It shines (glory) and never decays (incorruptibility). What a future awaits humanity!