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1 Corinthians 15:40 – Celestial and terrestrial bodies

02-03-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

There are bodies celestial as well as bodies terrestrial. But a different glory, indeed, is that of the celestial, yet a different that of the terrestrial.

In the previous verses Paul wrote about “terrestrial bodies.” About grain and other types of plants and about the different types of meat from humans and animals. And also about the differences between birds and fish. All different “terrestrial bodies”, each specifically equipped for the environment for which they are intended.

But now Paul is adding another kind of body to his argument: “celestial bodies.” It will later appear that this name is rather ambiguous, because it also applies to the body of the resurrection (: 47-49). But it is not here yet. With “celestial bodies” he means here, according to the following verse, sun, moon and stars. We also speak of celestial bodies.

A big difference between “terrestrial bodies” and “celestial bodies” lies in “the glory” or the light shine that they give. Earthly bodies each have a certain degree of radiance or aura. Some organisms actually provide light. Such as a firefly, a firefly, plankton species, jellyfish, squid, mushrooms and deep-sea fish. But it is different, and it cannot match the glory of “celestial bodies” …!