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1 Corinthians 15:20 – Roused…as Firstfruit

16-01-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Yet now, Christ has been roused from among the dead, the FIrstfruit of those who are reposing.

So far, Paul’s plea was about the fact of Christ’s resurrection. As foretold (: 4) but also as a documented fact. Confirmed by many eyewitnesses (: 5-8). From verse 20, Paul goes deeply into the meaning of Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

Christ is raised as “the Firstfruit of those who are reposing.” In Colossians 1:18 he is called “firstborn from among the dead.” A similar formulation, because the dead are reposing. But in the word ‘reposing’ it sounds that death is like a sleep. Temporarily. Unconsciously … until one is awakened.

Christ was raised from the dead “the Firstfruit of those who are reposing.” At first glance that seems incorrect since before Christ’s resurrection people were raised from the dead. Just think of Jesus’ own ministry in which he raised up the daughter of Jairus, the young man at Nain and also his friend Lazarus. How can Paul call Christ the firstfruit here? The answer is simple: the people mentioned died after their resurrection again. Christ, on the other hand, was raised to never die again (Rom. 6: 9). Death is definitively behind him. And that is why he is “firstfruit”. And all those who are reposing will follow …!