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1 Corinthians 15:18 – No other hope besides resurrection

16-01-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Consequently those also, who are put to repose in Christ, perished.

If there were no resurrection from the dead, everything would be meaningless and literally sin. Faith then means nothing and the apostles are even worse than dreamers: scammers and false witnesses. And those who were put to repose in Christ (i.e., die in faith in him who conquered death) are then lost. They would end up with nothing …

Again, it appears that Paul is putting all his cards on the resurrection. Paul knew no such thing as an ‘immortal soul’ that goes ‘heaven’ from the moment of death. This common view within Christendom is a false erosion of the truth of the resurrection. Imagine if those who fell asleep did indeed live on immediately in glory upon death. In what way are they lost? Aren’t they rejoicing before God’s throne, as can be read in many a Christian mourning advertisement? Such a representation makes the expectation of resurrection completely unnecessary. It serves at most as sugar on the already sweet honey.

But the Scriptures are clear: the expectation for those who passed away, is that they will be awakened in the resurrection. There is no other hope than this.