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1 Corinthians 15:16,17 – Meaningless

16-01-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

For, if the dead are not being roused, neither has Christ been roused. Now, if Christ has not been roused, vain is your faith – you are still in your sins.

With the words above, Paul repeats what he already argued in verses 13 and 14. The denial of some in Corinth of the resurrection of the dead is a fatal assault on the Good Report that Paul had brought to them, and thus also on the faith of the Corinthians. “If Christ has not been roused, your faith is vain.” It is the resurrected Christ who gives meaning to our faith. If death were to have the last word, everything would end in one big black hole. Over and out. No view of a GOD that brings everything to a good end. No expectation beyond the grave. Is this not the depressed worldview of many?

Without the prospect of resurrection, we are still in our sins. Because the word “sin” literally means “missing target.” If there is no resurrection and no triumphant GOD of Life, then all existence and everything we do is without meaning or purpose. Sin therefore. It is the truth of the resurrection that gives direction and completely liberates from futility!