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1 Corinthians 15:15 – false witnesses? (3)

08-01-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now we are being found false witnesses also of God, seeing that we testify by God that He rouses Christ, Whom, consequently, He rouses not, if so be that the dead are not being roused.

The accusation that Paul and all others are false witnesses is being refuted on several grounds. Point one: it is unexplained how hundreds of witnesses spoke unanimously of what they had seen. One of the apparitions took place during a gathering of more than five hundred brothers at the same time. Indeed, a certain type of people is susceptible to suggestion and hallucination. But not a complete group of five hundred people at a time, to which also critical people belonged. Types such as Tomas, who not only wanted to hear and see but also feel and check.

Point two: false witnesses are not willing to die for their testimony. Whoever deliberately spreads a lie, does so with the motive of benefiting from it. To gain fame, money or status. But the remarkable thing about Paul and his followers is that their testimony made them almost all martyrs. defamation and a roaming existence became their part to be finally killed. However, nothing could stop them. Why not? They knew: this is the truth!