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1 Corinthians 14: 3-5 – sensation or constructive?

05-11-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Yet he who is prophesying is speaking to men for edification and consolidation and comfort. He who is speaking in a language is edifying himself, yet he who is prophesying is edifying the ecclesia. Now I want you all to be speaking in languages, yet rather that you may be prophesying, for greater is he who is prophesying than he who is speaking in languages, outside and except he may be interpreting, that the ecclesia may be getting edification.

The reason that prophesying is by far the preferred choice over speaking in languages ​​is its constructive capacity. Whoever speaks in a foreign language that nobody understands, merely builds himself up. At least, in the best case. Because if the speaker does not know the meaning of his own words and they are not translated by anyone else (: 13), then nobody is built up by them! Speaking in languages ​​is of course only useful if it is understood by the audience. Possibly by translation.

Prophecy is a direct word from GOD. In the days of the Corinthians, that still existed because GOD’S word was not yet completed (Col. 1:25). Those who prophesied spoke constructively, encouragingly and comfortingly in their own language. Speaking in foreign languages ​​undoubtedly sounded more sensational, but what only matters is the structure of the ecclesia.