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1 Corinthians 13:8 – Love is never lapsing

30-10-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Love is never lapsing

Love never perishes and is therefore permanent (13:13). Just as GOD is incorruptible because yes, He is love. “Love” surpasses the Greek word ‘phileo’ which means “affection” and is based on certain attractive qualities. “Love” certainly also surpasses ‘eros’ that refers to physical attraction. Compare our word “eroticism”. Neither with ‘eros’ nor with ‘phileo’ is anything wrong, but in both cases this attraction is based on properties of the other. It is therefore also conditional and not permanent. Because the attractiveness of the other person disappears, then the ‘phileo’ or ‘eros’ is also done.

“The love” here is ‘agape’. ‘Agapé’ is not based on attractive properties of the other and is therefore unconditional. It is “the love” of a father or mother for their child (Eph.5: 1). Whatever the child looks like and what it does, it is and remains their child. That bond is unbreakable. This is the love of GOD that never passes and He also “never forsakes the works of his hands”. Why not? Because the work is off His hands! That love never expires but also never fails. Because that love always reaches its goal!