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1 Corinthians 13:5 – She is not self-seeking…

30-10-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Is not indecent, is not self-seeking is not incensed…

In order to get to know something, contrast is often the means to make things clear. Paul does the same here in his description of “love.” He tells what it is but also what it is not. Often referring to what happened in the ecclesia in Corinth. ‘Disgraceful’ or ‘indecent’ is not part of love. Because whoever knows GOD’s love, recognizes the value and also the dignity of the other. And by the way also of himself.

And furthermore: ‘she is not self-seeking’. That means no contempt for one’s own personality, on the contrary even! ‘She is not self-seeking’ – precisely because she has already found herself! Where else could I find myself than in the love of GOD?! In that love I find true recognition from the Creator who is also my Savior. Unconditional – agape! Only from that position can I also be heartily focused on the interests of the other.

Love gives the other person space, so that even when the other person does not meet my expectations at all, that does not excite me or make me bitter. Because GOD is going his way which is always the best!