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1 Corinthians 12:9 – faith and graces of healing

01-10-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Yet to another faith, by the same spirit, yet to another the graces of healing by the one spirit.

Paul is still describing how a variety of grace effects, services, and operations are given by and in GOD’s mind. A word of wisdom or knowledge to one (: 8) and faith to someone else. Here it is not about the belief that all share in the ecclesia, but about a special belief. For example, trust in a specific outcome. A person does not have such a thing of himself, which, by the way, also applies to faith in general. It is GOD’s mind that convinces and inspires confidence.

GOD’s spirit gives faith but also effects healing as a result of ‘grace effects.’ Faith and grace effects have an extremely beneficial effect on health. Whoever lives by grace (= joy for free) knows peace, is happy and has an optimistic attitude to life. Such an attitude has a healing effect on many disorders. Every doctor can confirm that.

Paul is not talking here about the gift to heal another, but about charismas which are received by the sick through which they heal. Certainly not with everyone grace has that effect. It cannot be claimed either. But nevertheless, such healings exist!