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1 Corinthians 10:9 – Putting the Lord on trial

13-07-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Nor yet may we be putting the Lord on trial, according as some of them put Him on trial and perished by serpents.

Paul refers to the incident that the people became inpatient because they had to go around the territory of Edom (Numbers 21:4). Frustrated, they complained about the daily manna (“the light bread”) that they received. They were disgusted (21:5). But then you are tempting God or putting God on trial. First complaining because people thought they were hungry to come and then complaining about heavenly bread!

God responded to this provocative behavior with a plague of deadly serpents that He sent among the people. Like wit the serpent in the garden of Eden, the people misjudged what had been given and spoken by God. And that became fatal to many. Only the raised serpent that Moses had to make, would defuse this curse (21:9, John. 3:14).

The lesson that is presented to us is that we would not defy God. Here too, Israel’s attitude could only arise because the people did not walk in pure grace. Being grateful and going our way being confident in God not only solves problems. It also prevents them!