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Triumph over death

30-03-2016 - Posted by Andre Piet


Why “firstfruit”?

Christ is the Firstfruit out of the dead (1Cor.15:20; Kol.1:18). Not because He was the first who rose (from among the dead), for several people had already gone before him. Like Lazarus, the daughter of Jairus and others. For them, the resurrection was a return to the existence of mortality. Later, they would die once again. The fact that Christ is rightfully the firstfruit out of the dead, is because he was the first to rise never to die again.

… having perceived that Christ, being roused from among the dead, is no longer dying. Death is lording it over Him no longer… -Romeinen 6:9-

For Christ, the resurrection was no return to the existence of mortality, No He was vivified! He left death behind Him for good.

22 For even as, in Adam, all are dying, thus also, in Christ, shall all be vivified. 23 Yet each in his own class the Firstfruit, Christ; thereupon those who are Christ’s in His presence; 24 thereafter the consummation, whenever He may be giving up the kingdom to His God and Father… -1Korinthe 15-

This life that Christ revealed (exactly on the special day of the sheaf of the firstfruit of the barley harvest!) shall be imparted on all people! “In his own class” Paul adds. Christ as Firstfruit, nearly two thousand years ago. Then “those who are Christ’s  in His presence”, i.e. during the time He will be present and shall be reigning. Christ will rule “into the eons of the eons” (Rev.11:15) and to those transcendent world times the ones will have a part “who are Christ’s”

Thereafter the consummation

Is that the end? According to traditional church doctrine it is, but not according to Paul. “Thereafter the consummation” he writes. This means the end of what? The subject was the order of vivification in which all (who are dying in Adam) share. If those who are Christ’s have been vivified, who is left? Which group? Obviously those who are not Christ’s Also they will be made alive, but that will only be when Christ has given up His kingdom to God the Father.

25 For He must be reigning until He should be placing all His enemies under His feet. 26 The last enemy is being abolished: death (…) 28 Now, whenever all may be subjected to Him, then the Son Himself also shall be subjected to Him Who subjects all to Him, that God may be All in all. -1Korinthe 15-

In this order of vivification Paul sees beyond the resurrection after which people will die again. This also includes the resurrection at the great white throne when the ones that are not written in the book of life will be cast “in the lake of fire which is the second death” (Rev.20:11-15). Their judgement before the throne is only an interruption of their death. They rise, all shall be corrected, but they die again. Hence “the second death”. The Life with a capital L shall be theirs at the end of Christ’s reign. This end is beyond revelation 21 and 22, where Christ is still reigning (22;5) and all that are not Christ’s are still dead (21;8). As with a giant telescope Paul looks in 1 Corinthians 15 beyond the other Biblewriters. Beyond Chist’s reign, beyond his abdication, beyond death. God will be “all in all”! Since the massive stone in front of the grave was rolled away, death has been conquered. It is the guarantee that once, death will be abolished and all people will LIVE!

… yet now is being manifested through the advent of our Saviour, Christ Jesus, Who, indeed, abolishes death, yet illuminates life and incorruption through the evangel… -2Timotheüs 1:10-

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