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where do you find “the true Jacob”?

03-06-2014 - Posted by Andre Piet

image5 Where do you find your partner for life? About the “marriage market”, many jokes are told, while everyone must admit that it concerns one of the most important question of one’s life. There are few choices which determine the course of your life, as will the decision with whom you will marry. Paul’s first option, namely, to remain unmarried (1Cor.7:1.7) is for most people not suitable. Okay, Paul says, but when you get married, do so “in the Lord” (1Cor.7:39). Since, in general, it is already true not to be unequally yoked together with a non-believer, then this is certainly true in marriage. This is not only a recommendation for the believer, but just as well for the non-believer, because how difficult it is to have a commitment with someone with whom you can not share the most important issues of life?! “One flesh”, yet spiritually, strangers to each other. For whom is that ideal? Two people with totally different outlooks on life and, consequently, who make different choices that cause constant conflict. And nowhere, more so, than in the education of children (if any). It is remarkable that in the Bible, where we read of men finding their wives and vice versa, the water spring (the well) often plays an important role. It was at a well where Isaac’s future wife, Rebekka, was found (Gen.24:45). And Isaac’s son, Jacob, likewise met Rachel at the well (Gen.29:10). And Moses, too, met his future wife, Zippora, at the well (Ex.2:19). Of course, they went to the well to draw water. But also, in all these cases, it appeared to be the chosen place to meet the partner for life. Is not that a lovely picture!? The water source, as an image of the place where the living water is found. The place (source) from where the Word is drawn. But also the meeting place around the Word and where one (en passant?) may find “the true Jacob”. For the best choice you should always be at the Source!