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What will 2020 bring us?

01-01-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

The new year has started. And it is a completely unwritten chapter of which only GOD knows the script. We can guess what will happen but not much more than that. Whether we are talking about developments and events at the global level or within our own small private existence. Everything is open. Only ‘something’ needs to happen and all forecasts from qualified agencies and acclaimed experts can go into the trash. This total inability of people to make statements about the future with certainty should make us very modest.

Only ONE knows what the future will bring. And He not only knows that, He has also foretold the future. Not predicted (so do astrologers and so-called ‘fortune tellers’), but foretold. With the same certainty as with which we speak about what lies behind us. What a peace it gives to start a new year with such confidence! I don’t need to know what 2020 will deliver. It would only burden me with knowledge that I cannot bear anyway. I know who owns 2020. And not just the coming year, but all times and the whole world. Nothing goes wrong with Him!