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what is insight? 

27-10-2013 - Posted by Andre Piet

images_17 The Hebrew word binah is usually translated with “understanding”. The word is derived from bein, which means “between”. Whoever has binah, is able to see the difference between one thing and another. Binah (insight, understanding) indicates having discernment. In this blog we will focus on understanding the Scriptures; able to read with discernment or distinguishing differences. Or, as Paul puts it: “correctly cutting the word of truth” (2 Tim.2:15). This involves knowing for whom particulars are intended. For instance, realizing that to the Israelites were given the covenants (Rom.9:4); not only the old, but also the new covenant.  It means comprehending that Jesus, in the gospel accounts, was sent to the house of Israel and not to the nations (Mat.15:24). That Peter, James and John, with “the evangel of the circumcision” were to focus on the Jewish people, while Paul was sent to the nations (Gal.2:7-9). When these details are not discerned, it will be impossible to understand the Scriptures, correctly. A second requirement for a correct understanding of the Scriptures, is to distinguish times; i.e., to which time is a Scripture referring? Does it refer to the time before or after God gave His law to Israel at Mt. Sinai (Gal.3:17)?; before or after Jesus’ death and resurrection (Gal.4:4)?; before or after that the salvation of God was sent to the nations (Acts 28:28)?; before or after the ecclesia will be evacuated or snatched away (Rev.12:5)?; before or during the “thousand years” (Rev.20)? And so on. Scripture also speaks of “the times of the eons” or “eonian times”. This is a distinction which for the average Bible reader is virtually impossible to make, because Bible translators have made of eons, usually, eternity, everlasting or forever. That is truly a tragedy, because it makes of death, being-lost and judgment, endless affairs – a fatal ambush for the Good News message. Scripture distinguishes various “eonian times” (world ages, Eph.2:2); before eonian times (2Tim.1:9) and also the conclusion of the eonian times (Heb.9:26). Does one not distinguish these times, then the result is confusion. Anyway, having a proper insight (understanding) of the Scriptures is not something easy to come by. It is like a hidden treasure (Prov.2:4). When you find it, you are a rich person. Scriptural insight gives a beautiful spiritual perspective!