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Titus 3:6 The bath of renascence

31-08-2023 - Posted by Hans

… not for works which are wrought in righteousness which we do, but according to his mercy, He saves us, through the bath of renascence and renewal of holy spirit.

It should be clear by now: salvation is not a merit, but the effect of God’s mercy. He has mercy and He saves. And how does He do that? By the bath of rebirth and of renewal of holy spirit.

We only encounter the term “bath of rebirth” here. The concept of being born again is only encountered twice in the NT anyway: here and in Matthew 19:28. The terminology in John 3:3-6 and 1Peter 1:3 is different, though related. Rebirth refers to new life, regeneration or (in French) renaissance. But isn’t that also what “renewal of holy spirit” refers to? The word “spirit” is synonymous with life and holy spirit with special life, namely, resurrection life. In other words, it speaks of renewal.

The means by which “renascence and renawal of holy spirit” takes place is a “bath” or “washing.” This is of course not a ritual, because the work of human hands does not create a new life. No, the “bath” here (as well as in Ephesians 5:26!) refers to God’s word and utterances. Behold the way God saves! By sounding (again) His word in our hearts, God washes and cleanses us and He gives us new life!