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Titus 3:2,3 Displaying modesty to all humanity

31-08-2023 - Posted by Hans

… to be pacific, lenient, displaying all meekness toward all humanity. For we also were once foolish, stubborn, deceived…

The vast majority of translations read the word ‘meek(ness)’ in the above verse, but ‘modesty’ perhaps better expresses what it means. Often the Greek word (prautes) is mentioned in the same breath as “humility” (Mat.11:29, Eph.4:2, Col.3:12). Both concepts are related.

The above text underlines the meaning of ‘modesty’ very aptly. Paul says that as believers we should show humility “to all men FOR we also were once foolish, stubborn, deceived…”. Although we would distinguish ourselves morally from all people (not slanderous, pacific, lenient), but last but not least “displaying all modesty”. After all, we are no better than the other people.

We are also no wiser than the rest of humanity, as many Christians (secretly) believe. They think they have been wise and prudent in choosing Jesus and that is why they are saved. That is pure pride. None of that, says Paul, “for we also were once foolish”. For GOD’s saving grace that has made its advent to all humanity (Tit.2:11) and has opened the eyes and ears of us who may already believe today. That is all His work. All boasting is out of the question!