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Titus 2:3 Aged women

02-06-2023 - Posted by Hans

The aged women, similarly, in demeanor as becomes the sacred, not adversaries, nor enslaved by much wine, teachers of the ideal…

With “aged women” Paul refers, according to the contrast with “young women” in verse 4, to the age group of grandmothers. Like the “aged men,” they too would be sober and sensible. Their whole appearance (behaviour, appearance, attitude and speech) would befit people who are devoted to God. The words for “temple” and “priest” are also derived from the Greek word for “sacred” (Gr. hieros).

Perhaps more than men, women are at risk of indulging in gossip and backbiting. A tendency that often increases with age and is even proverbial. It is striking that Paul uses the word ‘diabolos’ here, from which our word ‘devil’ is derived. It is “devilish” to speak ill and insinuate.

As was said before about old men, “aged women” would also limit themselves in drinking. In the case of declining health, ailments and difficulties, this can be an excuse to numb oneself with excessive drinking, but by definition it destroys ‘more than you would like’. Instead, “aged women” would use their life experience to teach the good and point to GOD in word and deed!