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Titus 2:15 With every injunction

13-07-2023 - Posted by Hans

Speak of these things and entreat and expose with every injunction. Let no one slight of you.

This chapter began with the instruction that Titus should speak of “what is becoming to sound teaching.” With appropriate instructions for each group. Here Paul underscores this. “Speak of these things.” But also: “entreat”, that is: encourage and support. And where necessary, Titus would also “expose” and denounce. Titus was not to “preach” but to speak and to entreat with verve. He would also not shy away from confrontation, because if lies and deceit are involved, they must be refuted and contradicted. “With every injunction” adds Paul. Anyone who hears Titus should notice that his words cannot be ignored. That is also what our ‘authority’ expresses: someone’s words have power.

In addition, Titus did not operate on Crete on his own, but was delegated by Paul himself (1:5). Apparently, like Timothy, Titus was still a young man (2:7; cf. 1Tim.4:12) and perhaps that is why he was hesitant to act. People might disparage him for his inexperience, but Paul urges Titus not to allow himself to be taken for granted. Titus’ speech was clothed with the authority of Paul himself!