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Titus 2:1 Now You!

02-06-2023 - Posted by Hans

Now you be speaking what is becoming to sound teaching

In the first four verses of the letter to Titus, Paul set out the content of the preaching entrusted to him from God. Beginning in verse 5, he instructs Titus to appoint qualified seniors who would maintain “the sound teaching” in the ecclesias of Crete. That was necessary because there were many insubordinate and they had to be refuted and silenced. These contradictors, “vain talkers and deceivers” overthrew entire houses with their babble. Very forcefully Titus would counter this with the truth of God. Against the background of the teachings and practices of Crete, Paul then says, “now you…” (cf. 2Tim.3:10; 4:5). Titus would demonstrate the contrast.

Titus is here commanded not so much to teach “sound teaching” (as in 1:13), but to speak those things which are becoming to “sound teaching.” The “speak” here (Gr. lalo) is not so much public learning as everyday speaking. In the following, Paul mentions various groups of believers that Titus would address on a behavior and attitude that fit “the sound teaching”. Or as he later puts it so beautifully (2:10): to adorn the teaching of God our Savior in everything!