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Titus 1:7 Administrator of God

02-06-2023 - Posted by Hans

For the supervisor must be unimpeachable as an administrator of God…

That the supervisor would be unchallengeable is repeated here. It would, of course, be extremely harmful if “the supervisor” drew negative attention to his person instead of “the faithful word” and “sound teaching” (1:9).

“The supervisor” is a “housekeeper of God”. That deserves explanation. The Greek word Paul uses is “oikonomon,” from which our word “economist” is derived. A ‘house’ is the place where one lives and that can even have the broad meaning of a city. For example, we read of Erastus that he was “the administrator of the city” of Corinth (Rom.16:23).

When Paul calls “the supervisor” a “house manager of God”, he is referring not so much to the overseer’s own house (1Tim.3:4,5) but above all to “the ecclesia of God” which becomes “the house of God” mentioned (1Tim.3:15). That house is of course not the property of “the supervisor” (after all, it is God’s house!) and he would not play the boss there either. He is only steward and accountable for the doctrine (1:9) taught in a particular place. Now that Paul had left Crete, he was determined to keep the supervision of teaching in good hands. Behold (also today!) the task of “the supervisor”.