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Titus 1:13 Sharp

02-06-2023 - Posted by Hans

This testimony is true. For which cause be exposing them severely, that they may be sound in the faith…

Paul unfortunately has to agree with the unenlightening judgment that one of the Cretans himself had given about his compatriots. It confirms what he noted earlier about influences in the ecclesias on Crete: many did not submit to sound teaching (:10). Paul repeats what he wrote in verse 9: contradictors must be exposed. Their claims would be denounced and refuted. Exposing is one of the major reasons why any God-inspired scripture is useful (2Tim.3:16).

Paul adds that this exposure had to be severe (sharp -> literally from cut). This underlines that the Word used by Titus and “the supervisor” has the effect of a sword (Heb.4:12). The Word not only connects, but (where necessary) also separates. Or, in medical terms, where the Word operates, it cuts out malignant tissue. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the Word would always be kind and gentle. That is not true. When “sound teaching” is at stake, we need to be sharp. And the truth is often hard, but that is precisely why we can stand on it and build from! So that we might be “sound in the faith”!