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Titus 1:11 Who must be gagged

02-06-2023 - Posted by Hans

Who must be gagged, who are subverting whole households, teaching what they must not, on behalf of sordid gain.

The many in Crete who pretended to be believers (:16) but rebelled against “the sound teaching”, came “especially from the circumcision” (read: the Jewish people). Many of them felt superior because they were circumcised and pretended to know the law. They wanted to impose burdens on the “Gentiles” which confused many of them. Entire households were upset by the things these “vain talkers and deceivers” taught. It is always the same type of teachers that Paul had to deal with: people who wanted to “Judaize” (Judaize) believers from the nations. Not only what these people taught was inappropriate, but also why they did this was wrong. Apparently, as “influencers”, they were paid for their activities.

What Titus and the overseers had to do with this resistance was twofold. In the first place, these contradictors had to be exposed and refuted in terms of content (1:9). But there was also a formal side: the supervisors would “gag” these people in the ecclesias. Don’t give a platform. It is the duty of the supervisor to see to his location that only “the sound teaching” would be taught.