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the Muslims’ feast of sacrifice

07-11-2011 - Posted by Andre Piet

Sunday, November 6, 2011, began the annual great Islamic high-day: the feast of sacrifice, in memory of the sacrifice that Ibrahim (=Abraham) brought. Muslims mistakenly believe (although the Koran does not say it) that this son was Ishmael. During this feast of sacrifice, large numbers of sheep, goats or cattle are slaughtered.

The Bible teaches (e.g. Psalm 87) that someday, also the Muslim countries will come to know YAHWEH. Then the veil will be removed and they will become aware of Who the true Son of Abraham is. Then they will also see to Whom the sacrifice of Abraham really referred, namely, to Him Who was slain (yes, without any anaesthetics!) and so died. Although Muslims speak with great respect about the Prophet Isa (=Jesus), they explicitly deny his death and, consequently, His resurrection. Muslims celebrate a sacrificial feast, without knowing the meaning of the sacrifice, because what is a sacrifice without one being slain and without the offering (=rising-up) thereafter? The sacrifice refers to dying and resurrection! The feast of sacrifice does not last three days for nothing. What a discovery it will be, when the Muslims will realize that this speaks of Him Who, on the third day, rose from the grave. Indeed, it was Abraham himself who, very significantly, made the sacrifice “on the third day” (Genesis 22:4). And what do you think of the location where Abraham did sacrifice? It was on one of the mountains in the land of Moriah (Gen.22:2), where one thousand years later the temple would be built (2Chron.3:1). It was also exactly where, even one thousand years later, the Son of Abraham would be slain and resurrected. It was precisely there and then that God provided Himself a lamb for a burnt offering (Gen.22:8)… ——————————— translation: Peter Feddema