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…shall be ashamed

25-07-2013 - Posted by Andre Piet


In Isaiah 45, God makes an exceptional promise. He promises under oath, and that He rarely does. When He does this, then according to Hebrews 6, it is to show, “more superabundantly,” that “it is impossible for God to lie” (6:17,18). The oath in Isaiah 45 reads:

23 By Myself I swear. From My mouth fares forth righteousness, and My word shall not be recalled. For to Me shall bow every knee, and every tongue shall acclaim to Elohim. 24 “Yea, in YAHWEH,” He says to me, is righteousness and strength. Unto Him shall come all ashamed, who are hot against Him. (CLV)

under pressure?

It is the Apostle Paul, who in Romans 14:11 and Philippians 2:10 cites these words and confirms them. In Philippians 2, Paul especially showed that it concerns a heartfelt acknowledgment. The word that he used for “acclaim” (ex-omologeo) indicates that it will be from within and not under pressure. It will, therefore, not be mere lip-service (outside), but a recognition with the tongue – which stands for the inside (the heart). They will kneel and acclaim “to the glory of God the Father”.


A large part of humanity belongs to those who are “hot” against God. I.e., they are angry with Him. Also, hiding behind religion is alienation. It is believed that God is hostile to mankind and out of fear, man tries to please Him. Even many “atheists”, who call themselves by this name, only do so because, in their anger, they do not wish to acknowledge God. Always with this one rationale: If God allows the evil in the world (pain, sorrow, trouble, sickness, death, etc.) to take place, then this proves that He is not good …


In Isaiah 45, God swears that all those who are “hot” (“incensed”) against Him will be ashamed. They had assumed an opinion about God that was completely premature. They had not anticipated that GOD truly is good and is able to turn evil into good (Gen.50:20). In the same Isaiah 45, in which God promises under oath, He also solemnly declares to be the Creator of evil (verse 7). Who else? God creates by means of contrasts: heaven and earth, light and darkness, sea and land, good and evil (Gen.2:17). Knowledge of good is not available by itself; only through temporary evil will good become evident. Without enmity, no reconciliation (Col.1:20,21); Without sin, no grace (Rom.5:20); Without a battle, no victory (Rom. 8:37); Without death, no making alive {beyond the reach of death} (1Cor.15:22).


Eventually, humanity will blush with shame for the evil intentions it had attributed to GOD. The presence of evil in the world is not in conflict with God’s goodness. Quite the contrary! Evil is necessary for God to prove His goodness! And proof that GOD is GOOD will convincingly be delivered to every human being. Every tongue will acclaim!!