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Romans 9:32,33 – The first stone laid

09-08-2021 - Posted by Hans

They stumble on the stumbling stone, according as it is written: Lo! I am laying in Zion a Stumbling Stone and a Snare Rock, And the one believing on Him shall not be disgraced.

Here Paul quotes Isaiah (28:16) who foretold that God Himself would place a Stone in Zion. This Stone speaks of the Messiah who would be raised from the dead in Zion (Jerusalem). With that, God laid the first stone of a new building of God. This historical fact eclipses any other historical event. Solid as a rock.

This rock is also a trap or stumbling block. For whoever does not want to rest on that stone, but seeks to “establish their own righteousness” (10:3), will stumble over the stone that God has laid. Because it is either trusting God’s actions or thinking that you have to work yourself. Life or death. There are no more flavors. Paul testifies of his brethren according to the flesh that they have a zeal for God, but without recognition (10:2). This typifies every religion.

The good news is that GOD (through the Stone He has laid down in Zion) is the Savior of all people. Whoever trusts in this will not be ashamed!