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Romans 9:20 – Clay in the Potter’s hand

26-03-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

That which is molded will not protest to the molder, “Why do you make me thus?”

In the foregoing, Paul showed that GOD’s plans do not depend on man. He gives the example of Pharaoh of whom was foretold he would not listen. And that GOD would harden his heart if he threatened to succumb. Why? Because GOD wanted to show his strength to the whole world. He needed an unwilling pharaoh for that.

Of course, this naturally raises the question: if pharaoh’s unwillingness was in accordance with God’s purpose, why then is God still blaming? Good question! But it overlooks one thing: we are creatures and He is GOD. We are clay and He is the potter. It is entirely up to the potter to give one object an honorable one and the other an everyday destination.

You, me and all creatures are in the theater of GOD’s glory. Sin, disobedience and suffering also play a necessary role in this. Nothing ever goes wrong with GOD. And don’t forget … even pharaoh’s knees will bend once. He too will humbly and gratefully acknowledge: GOD is good!