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Romans 8:36 – An excellent quote!

24-06-2021 - Posted by Hans

According as it is written, that “On Thy account we are being put to death the whole day, We are reckoned as sheep for slaughter.”

Paul connects here to the previous verse where he wrote about degrees of tribulation, ending with the sword. That the circumstances mentioned there are indeed related to tribulation for the sake of God is also apparent in this verse. Paul quotes Psalm 44 where there is also constant danger to life and the threat of being killed.

The reference to Psalm 44:23 is certainly not arbitrary or a quote to the tune. In this psalm it is about the time when the Lord keeps himself aloof (“why do you sleep YAHWEH?”; Ps.44:24). Israel is scattered among the nations (44:12) and God hides his face from them (44:25). It is waiting for the time when YAHWEH will arise to help his people (44:27).

The fact that Paul quotes precisely from Psalm 44 fits in seamlessly with the teaching he gives in this letter about the nature of our time. Israel is set aside and the Lord hides his face (>”the secret”)! God does not intervene and his people are not counted at all in this world. But nevertheless: nothing can separate them from the love of Christ!