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Romans 8:31 – If God is for us

12-05-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

If God is for us, who is against us?

Imagine: “the GOD”, the One “out of whom, by whom and to whom all things are”. Paul is talking about Hím. He who controls everything and gives place to everything that takes place. Who never fails and always reaches his goal. That is “the GOD”.

Paul shows in this letter how GOD has proven He loves this world. The world crucified his Son, but in this way GOD is going to give Life to the same world (Rom.5: 18; 1Cor.15: 22). After three days He raised Jesus from the dead. In doing so, GOD proved that his love is stronger than any enmity.

GOD is for us! In these verses, those are primarily those whom GOD calls and justifies today. “GOD’s chosen ones”. We May Know: GOD is for Us! That means that by definition nothing and no one can be against us. Do you realize that? If the great Director of all creation is for me, then every event is required to work to my advantage. Nothing can separate me from GOD’s love and everything will have to work together for good!