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Romans 8:1 – No condemnation

12-05-2021 - Posted by Hans

Nothing consequently, is now condemnation to those in Christ Jesus.

Paul here picks up the thread from 7: 6 again, where he indicated that as believers we are “exempted from the law” and are no longer slaves “in oldness of letter” but “in newness of spirit”. With this he refers to resp. the old and the new covenants that God has made or will make with Israel. The characteristic of the new covenant is that God does not require anything from Israel but Himself guarantees that the people will walk in his ways. For He Himself will write His law on their hearts. That is also the answer to the struggle that the apostle described from 7: 7. And while it is true that this new covenant will be made only with Israel, the spirit of that covenant is already the portion of all believers (2 Cor. 3).

To be “in Christ Jesus” means to be in the resurrected and glorified Messiah at God’s right hand (8:34). That is the position of those who are “called according to his purpose” (8:28). Whatever agency or person is bringing charges against them – no one can undo what Paul is recording here from God. For it is ”God the justifier, who is the condemner?” (8: 33.34).