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Romans 7:8 – Apart from law, Sin is dead

29-03-2021 - Posted by Hans

Now Sin, getting an incentive through the precept, produces in me all manner of coveting. For apart from law Sin is dead.

“The precept” in this passage refers to the “you shall not covet …” in the preceding verse 7. A sinner takes that word as a command rather than a promise. But with that he actually proves to be a mark-misser (= sinner). Because where GOD promises “you shall not covet…” one would thank Him instead of trying hard. The I-figure in the above verse tries not to covet but gradually discovers to be more and more busy with “coveting”! The very commandment activates “all manner of coveting” in him. But remember, it is the legalistic eyes that read “the precept,” which is the incentive and stimulant to sin.

In 1 Corinthians 15:56 Paul writes, “the power of sin is the law.” By telling a person that he is not allowed to do something, he is stimulated to do it. Didn’t sin also enter the world through a ban? By prohibiting you always make something attractive. Anyone with any educational experience can affirm that principle. Thank God GOD does not expect anything from man. He promises and He delivers!