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Romans 6:13 – Present yourselves to God 

16-02-2021 - Posted by Andre Piet

Nor yet be presenting your members, as implements of injustice, to Sin, but present yourselves to God as if alive from among the dead, and your members as implements of righteousness to God.

In addition to letting ourselves no longer be controlled by sin (: 12), Paul also makes an appeal with a view to our members. These are not just our limbs but all parts of the body. Arms, legs, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, genitals, etc .. We would present everything, making it available “as implements of righteousness to God”, instead of “as implements of unrighteousness to sin”.

Our members are implements or tools. Always used in the Bible in the context of conflict. There is also conflict: for while we de facto still reside in a “mortal body” (: 12), we reckon ourselves (de jure) as “living from the dead”. That is a constant conflict between experience and feeling on the one hand and reckoning (: 11) as God sees us on the other. But we don’t have to make a choice every time. Make yourself available once for all. “Present yourself to God” is a timeless fact (aorist). Once you’ve done that, you’ll never have to choose again. I’m living the resurrection life and that’s it!