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Romans 5:5 – The love of God poured out in our hearts 

12-01-2021 - Posted by Andre Piet

…. Now expectation is not mortifying, seeing that the love of God has been poured out in our hearts through the holy spirit which is being given to us.

Expectation gives so much power that it makes it possible to endure affliction. It gives that strength because it is not just a vague “hope,” but a solid knowing that does not put expectation to shame. It is solid knowing that follows from the realization of GOD’S love. GOD has in mind the salvation of all the world, and since He really is GOD, who or what could ever stop Him?

GOD’S love is not sparse or measured but abundant and limitless. Hence, we read that it was “poured out into our hearts.” Indeed, through “holy spirit which is being given to us”. In 1 Corinthians 2:12, Paul teaches that we receive GOD’S spirit “that we might know the things which are graciously given to us by GOD.” After which he then makes it clear (1 Cor.2: 13,14) that that spirit comes along in “spiritual words”. GOD’S spirit enters our hearts through the words He speaks to us. His words are “spirit and life” (John 6:63). In this way He lavishly pours His love into our hearts. Fulfilling and even overflowing!