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Romans 5:11 – Obtained the conciliation 

16-01-2021 - Posted by Andre Piet

Yet not only so, but we are glorying also in God through our Lord, Jesus Christ, through Whom we now obtained the conciliation.

“We may be glorying in expectation of the glory of GOD” (:2). Even in affliction we boast in expectation (: 3). “But”, Paul adds, “Yet not only so, but we are glorying also in GOD” himself. For it is GOD himself who has turned us from enemies into lovers of Him. We were enemies, so Paul knew only too well from his own experience. After all, Paul was once firmly behind the execution of God’s Son.

That Paul is now no longer an enemy, or in other words has been conciliated, he owes entirely to GOD “through our Lord Jesus Christ”. Who else? It must be clear that he did not seek conciliation. There was no greater enemy and persecutor of the early Christians than he. In unbridled hatred, he persecuted them as far as the foreign cities. Until… on the road to Damascus he was bombarded by a dazzling light. He was, he writes to Timothy (1Tim.1: 13), “overwhelmed” by the grace of our Lord. The turnaround was not Saul’s own choice, quite the contrary. He was convinced at once. Irresistibly!