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Romans 4:3 – How God reckons faith

01-12-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

For what is the scripture saying? Now Abraham believes God and it is reckoned to him for righteousness.

Every time Paul refers in his letters to Abraham who received an unconditional promise from GOD. We read this in Genesis 15 verse 6. And Abraham believed GOD, that is, he accepted what GOD promised. Nothing was asked of Abraham. But he trusted that GOD would fulfill what He had promised. That confidence made Abraham a righteous man in GOD’S eyes.

In theology, ‘justification’ has been made into an accounting act: God counts as if someone is righteous. If a transfer of justice is on our account. But faith in the Gospel actually makes a person righteous.

Childlike trust in GOD puts us in a right relationship with Him. Anyone who thinks that they can earn or lose GOD’S love through works, is fundamentally suspicious of God. That is the core of every religion. Also, the teaching that God reserves an endless hell for his own creatures makes people mistrust GOD. The Gospel, on the other hand, says that GOD is the Savior of all people! Unconditionally! That message alone ensures that we can trust GOD as a Father without rest. Because He never lets go… God counts that faith as righteousness.