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Romans 3:19 – All are subject to the just verdict of GOD 

03-11-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now we are aware that, whatever the law is saying, it is speaking to those under the law, that every mouth may be barred, and the entire world may become subject to the just verdict of God.

The many quotations from the Psalms and Isaiah (which in a broader sense also belong to “the law”; 1 Cor. 14:21) served as proof that Israel is also under sin (: 9). For those who are not under “the law”, that was anyway clear. But Paul argues for those who boast of the law (2:17) that the law speaks to them. So that the many quotations from the law apply primarily to the Jewish people. So that with that “every mouth is stopped”. “All are under sin” (: 9). No one who can argue against this.

Most translations render verse 19: so that the whole world might become punishable (or damnable) before GOD. But the word “hupodikos” (made up of the elements “under-law”) does not necessarily have that negative connotation. Indeed, humanity has nothing to expect from itself. But when the whole world falls under the jurisdiction of GOD, then that is not doom but a hopeful good news! Because only on that ground can all be “justified gratuitously” (: 24)!