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Romans 3:15-17 – Cut from the same cloth 

28-10-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

“Sharp are their feet to shed blood. Bruises and wretchedness are in their ways, And the way of peace they do not know”.

In verse 9, Paul established that all, Jews as well as Greeks, are “under sin” (missing the mark). From verse 10 this is illustrated with numerous quotations from the Hebrew Bible. First in general of who man is (from Psalm 14), then about what man produces from his mouth and the above verses are about the feet of man. In other words, about the ways he goes and the trail of blood shed, destruction and misery that he leaves behind, not knowing a way of peace.

Also for these verses applies: this is not a description of the ways of every human being. Luckily not! But it does describe what any mortal can achieve. Depending on many circumstances. Where has your cradle been? Were you born in prosperity or want? Did you grow up in peace or in the midst of aggression, crime and war? How was your upbringing? Wouldn’t such factors have a major influence? Let us be well aware that we are all cut of the same cloth. We are all descendants of Adam.